Last week, I shared some thoughts on my desire to do a better job of sharing personal projects – regardless of how big or how small – on GitHub. I’ve used to do a better job of it, and I’ve since gotten out of it. (And this lead to some comments, some of which aren’t approved yet, which I still need to find some time to sit and respond.)

And I want to get back into the habit of it.

But during the conversation, I came to the realization that I have a lot of small classes, plugins, utilities, functions, helpers, etc. related to WordPress development or JavaScript that I’ve never really put on GitHub.

But in following up with what I said I’d do, I pushed up 0.1.0 of the first project in an attempt to follow-through on what I said I’d do starting with a small project that allows us to toggle WordPress admin notices.

Toggle WordPress Admin Notices

So here’s Toggle Admin Notices.

Toggle WordPress Admin Notices

Depending on the nature of what you do with WordPress, you may or may not have this problem, but imagine this:

You’re working on a project that has a number of different dependencies on plugins. Some these plugins all offer their set of messages on what they display at the top of any and every admin screen.

Some are notices, some are warnings, and some are success messages. Regardless, they’re annoying, and they distract from us simply getting to work. Toggle Admin Notices provides an easy way to hide (or show) them.

As the project page states:

Allows you to toggle the display of all errors, warnings, and notices in the WordPress dashboard using the admin bar.

So here’s the deal:

  1. You download the plugin.
  2. You install it and activate it.
  3. A new item that reads “Toggle Admin Notices” appears in the admin bar.
  4. Whenever you’re on a page with too many notices, click on the menu item to change what you see.

As mentioned above, this is 0.1.0 of a plugin which is not something I release but, again, this is an attempt to release these smaller tools I’m using primarily for myself. This means:

  • The toggle doesn’t persist across page loads (right now),
  • There are no options pages (and I don’t want there ever to be),
  • It’s not internationalized (yet),
  • There are no tests (yet),
  • There’s no major “plan” for this plugin other than adding things that I want to add on an on-needed basis.

So it’s available on GitHub for download, for issues, and for pull requests all of which I’ll review, but all of which I may ignore, too. It’s not because I don’t appreciate them, but it’s because I also have to prioritize works and what not.

And finally, note that this is how I manage the tags and branches:

  • master will always have the most recently tagged and “stable” version of the code,
  • develop is the one I’m working on, and I want left alone, and I don’t recommend checking out at any point unless you really just wanted “bleeding-edge” code that might break the installation,
  • tags will also include the latest release (which the highest tag being the most recent). right now, I just have 0.1.0.

So feel free to check it out and offer any feedback you have either via issues, pull requests, or even tweets. I’m all for it. And hopefully here will be more to come soon.