I’ve done my fair share of work with WP_Query this week – it’s definitely been an exercise in education, but when an employee of Automattic comments and offers advice, it’s worth listening

But I wanted to keep the conversation going for the benefit of other developers.

As such, I wanted to reblog this talk by lead WordPress developer and Audrey Capital technologist Andrew Nacin in which he discusses the various topics surrounding WordPress queries, hooks, and so on in order guide others in understanding WP_Query.

[wpvideo YghPUHHx w=580 y=325 hd=1]

You can grab a few additional resources such as the presentation slides over at You Don’t Know WP_Query.

Sometimes, the best resources to share are not only those will help others, but help yourself, too. At any rate, if you have any other WP_Query related questions, comments, or resources, then link ’em up in the comments.