A little over a year ago, I published a small plugin for WordPress to GitHub – Title Capitalization for WordPress.

Title Capitalization For WordPress

The idea behind the plugin is easy:

Properly capitalizes post titles and heading elements in the post content.

Ultimately, it’s meant to make sure that when you enter content – specifically headings – the work will be presented in the best light possible since it will pass through a formatter than properly capitalizes your text and what not based on a set of rules.

Though it hasn’t been updated in sometime, Andy Fragen was kind enough to submit a pull request that I finally got around to merging and to discussing (sorry Andy!) and thought I’d detail it here.

Title Capitalization For WordPress Changes

So, first and foremost, thanks again to Andy for the commit. Secondly, for those who are interested, you can grab the latest copy of the plugin by clicking on the ‘Download Zip‘ button on the right-hand navigation of the GitHub page.

With that said, here’s the run down of the changes to the plugin that have happened since I’ve last discussed it (which is timely considering the last post on Change Logs, isn’t it?):

  • Updated to work with Markdown markup for headers and leaves markdown markup intact
  • Fix for JetPack Markdown

For those who have been monitoring the repository for sometime, then you likely have the latest version.

For those who have not, now you know what’s up so feel free to grab it, download it, use it, and make your high school English teacher proud.

More To Come?

As usual, this continues to be open for issues, pull requests, and all of that jazz, so if you find a bug, have a feature request, or anything like that, then please don’t hesitate to send it my way via GitHub.