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One of the things that’s often brought to my attention is that people see the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR whenever they try to access this site.


I’ve had people respond to links from my newsletter, from links on Twitter, from links from third-party sites, and sharing their experiences when trying to access other sites, too.

The thing is, few people – myself included – seemed to be able to diagnose the problem. (And believe me when I say that I’ve tried a ton of different things to fix it on my end.)

So to the best my ability, I researched the problem, all possible fixes, and thought I’d share what I found here along with the fixes.

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Apps For 2017: Everything I’ve Installed

During the holiday weekend, I spent some time going through some tools and software that I have installed and determining what I wanted to continue using in the coming year (and what I no longer needed).

Ultimately, it was about coming up with the apps for 2017.

I guess it’s part of the “fresh start in a new year” kind of thing. But the short of is that given the goals I’ve set for myself (and some upcoming things I’ll discuss), I did an audit and paired down my system to exactly what I needed.

Sure, we’re all going to be using different software. And I know many of us – myself included – have talked about the things we use at the WordPress level, but what about the tools we use each day?

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Plans for 2017: WordPress, React, Pressware, and More

This is that time of year where people do all kinds of posts – from retrospectives to upcoming plans, from taking a break to writing more than they have all year.

Honestly, I’m a fan of reading it all.

And though I don’t normally do a retrospective post (though I’m thinking of going back and following-up on the developer fitness post from last year), I do have plans for what I’m aiming to do come the new year regarding general stuff online so I thought now would be the usual time to do that.

For starters, I’m going to move on from WordPress. Peace out. It’s been great, but it’s time to move on to new things! ✌️

That’s not true at all. There are some new things I’m looking to introduce, though.

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It’s Not a Sad State of Web Development

Like many of you, I use Pocket to file the articles I want to read or bookmark for future reference. Sometimes, I get around to reading them; other times, I never actually come back to them. The latter is a perpetual problem I have to get a handle on, but I digress.


For the most part, I try to stick to a single topic of WordPress-related development on this blog. But there are times where I see things tangentially related as it comes to our industry (or even just our part of the industry).

Regarding Pocket, the whole reason I bring this up is that I was just spending time in my account preparing to declare bankruptcy in my set of articles. The goal was to clear out everything that was in there (isn’t that what bankruptcy is?), but I found some other articles that I still want to have available to read and to archive for reference.

But in deleting all of the articles that I found, I couldn’t help but notice a pattern of disappointing article titles and subject matter.

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The State of HTML5 Browser Support

Knowing the state of HTML5 browser support helps to add points of conversation to the debate between what should be a web application and what should be a native application.

Though I don’t think it’s a debate that will end any time soon, I think it’s a good conversation to have.

But with the incredibly fast advances happening in browser technologies, it’s nice to know what APIs we have available and which ones have yet to be implemented.

What’s a good way to track this, though?

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