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Me, Myself, and I; Then, Now, and Soon

Previously, I wrote:

I’m having too much fun focusing on more things with less distraction. 

Maybe it sounds preachy, maybe not. If it does, I don’t mean it do be and if it doesn’t then I’m writing well enough; however, I still have the question as to what this means for this site. And though the answer isn’t necessarily as clear as I’d like, it’s better than that it was, say, four weeks ago.

And it may be a trivial, uninteresting thing to write about but I’ve written about just about anything and everything related to what it is I do with regard to this site, developing software, WordPress, and so for the majority for my career.

So as I hope to add to that, I seems to be reasonable to share why before getting back to what I normally do and starting to do more than I once did.

In other words, why stop now?

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I Don’t Know if Social Media is Good

Though I try to keep the topics on this site strictly limited to development of all things WordPress (and related technologies) that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes venture out into more personal things (such as taking time off of social media).

Usually, I find taking time off of these services helps me to focus on some different things, reflect on whether or not I like them, what they offer us as a whole, or simply take a break from the things social media brings with it.

But one of the things I’ve found myself thinking about over the last month – and not necessarily on purpose, but it’s something that’s emerged the longer I’ve spent offline – is the place social media holds in our society (I guess western society, as I’d categorize it for this post), and the role in plays in each of our lives.

This post is going to run down a list of thoughts I’ve had about it, though they don’t necessarily have a firm conclusion or even a place I’m trying to get everyone to agree on (which would be a fools’ errand, anyway).

Instead, this is my general thoughts, observations, and considerations on social media as it exists at the time of writing this post.

Maybe it resonates with you, maybe not.

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Social Media Breaks Are Good for the Soul (I Think)

Not too long ago, I took a break from social media for two reasons (one no more important than the other):

  1. to try to break the habit of compulsively checking social networks whenever I was stuck on a problem,
  2. to cut back on “chatter” during the day.

(I looked through my previous posts to see if I talked about it at length but couldn’t find it.)

Anyway, it’s something I’ve decided to do again, although this time I have a few different reasons. Maybe it’s social media breaks are something I’ll do a more on the regular, maybe not. I can’t know that right now.

We’ll see in a month.

Nonetheless, this time I thought it worth sharing a little bit more behind the reasons why if for no other reason to make sure I have it documented more so than I did last time.

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