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My Third Post on Medium: On Music and Millennials

When it comes to maintaining this site, one of the things that I try to do is stay “on topic.” Looking back through the posts, you see that there are actually very few things that I discuss that aren’t on the topic of development in some capacity.

For what it’s worth, I think having extreme focus on a blog is important. Spreading out too wide dilutes content and leaves you with a mixed-to-no audience.

And that’s why I hesitate sharing some of the stuff like this.

But you know, I’ve always enjoyed seeing what some of my fellow developers are writing and sharing outside of their typical stuff, so I always assume that a post like that now and again doesn’t hurt.

So as I’ve continued to explore Medium and what they’re doing with the service, I wrote a post earlier this week all about music and millennials.

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My Second Post on Medium: Do For One

A few years ago, one of the most profound and influential pieces of advice that I’ve heard is the following:

Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.

The thing about hearing things like this is that it always lands in different places with different people. Like I said, for me, it’s ended up being something that’s profoundly influenced certain things in my life; however, for others, statements like that don’t land anywhere near a point of significance.

And that’s okay – if we were all influenced and persuaded by the same things, we’d all be doing the same things and that’d make for a boring world.

But for those of you who have been following this blog, read some of my other contributing articles, or seeing what we’re currently working on at 8BIT you know that education is a big interest, and is important to me.

So in my second post on Medium, I attempt to explain something that I’m currently working on that jives with the statement above.

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My First Post on Medium: “It’s So Hard To Find Good Help These Days”

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This week, I ended up writing my first post on Medium and, as promised, thought I’d share my thoughts on my initial experience.

Ah, an in case you’re a drive-by reader, last week, I shared that I had received an invitation to Medium and shared a few of my thoughts on the tension of writing on the platform. So the purpose of this post is to revisit my thoughts from that post, and share about my experience thus far.

At this point, with a single post, there’s not much to say, but here’s what I have to offer.
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