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This week, I ended up writing my first post on Medium and, as promised, thought I’d share my thoughts on my initial experience.

Ah, an in case you’re a drive-by reader, last week, I shared that I had received an invitation to Medium and shared a few of my thoughts on the tension of writing on the platform. So the purpose of this post is to revisit my thoughts from that post, and share about my experience thus far.

At this point, with a single post, there’s not much to say, but here’s what I have to offer.

My Post on Medium: This Post on That Post

First Post on Medium

First off, what motivated me to post on Medium – aside from simply wanting to try the service – was that I had content that I felt was worth sharing, but didn’t exactly fit in the context of this blog, or any of the other ones to which I contribute.

Secondly, the content ownership issue is one that I have to get over, but Medium makes this really easy:

  • I can link to the original post from this post and be good to go
  • I can download my content from Medium at any time
  • If I really want to own the content, I’ll just save it in a text file and store it in Dropbox

So with that said, here’s a post-mortem of sorts.

First Post!

As mentioned, the whole idea behind posting on Medium was sharing content that I didn’t feel really belong on this site or any of the others to which I contributed.

Specifically, the article is titled It’s So Hard To Find Good Help These Days” and generally captures some of the struggles of what it’s been like to find and hire (or not) others to help grow a company.

A Place For Everything

One of the things that helped inspire this particular post was a conversation I had with John a week or so ago. And when I noticed that Medium offers Collections for your posts, I created a collection What I’m Learning Building a Company and dropped the post in there.

Overtime, we’ll see if I continue to contribute to the collection.

A Medium Experience

Above all else, I really enjoyed the process of writing on Medium. Being able to see exactly what your post is going to look like as soon as you hit publish is nice.

There’s no toggling between browser tabs to make sure things look the way they should.

Additionally, the fact that there’s a single theme and set of typography takes all of the overhead out from thinking about “how should I present this?” or “do I want this there, or there?” It just is. And I like that.

Anyway, as I said, we’ll see if I continue to contribute to the collection, but for now you can read other posts that people have contributed to said collection.