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How To Find WordPress Comments That Are Missing Replies

A little less than two months ago, Pippin Williamson, Andrew Norcross, and I decided that we were going to collaborate on a WordPress comment reply plugin.

Specifically, we were going to work on a plugin that was going to make it easy for publishers to identify comments to which they’ve not responded. We also set the arbitrary deadline of having it completed by the end of WordCamp Miami.

We met the deadline, soft launched the plugin yesterday, and are officially launching it today.

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Writing a Plugin (and Doing It Live!)

Earlier this week, Pippin Williamson (of Pippin’s Plugins) sent out the following tweet:

Neat idea, right? Have he and Andrew Norcross – a fellow WordPress developer – create a plugin during the course of a WordCamp that could be released for free.

So I tossed my idea into the ringer:

You can actually read the entire conversation here.

This has been a plugin that I’ve wanted for a long time, and I assume anyone who’s actually maintained a blog for a significant amount of time would do the same.

As it turns out, I’m going to be joining Pippin and Norcross in writing a plugin for exactly this. And we’re gonna do it live.

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