More Code Newsletter

The ninth issue of the More Code Newsletter just went out. Here’s a run down of some of the articles that were included in this issue:

  • Rails 3.2.2 has been released. You can read the changelog on the linked post.
  • Bundler 1.1 has also been released. If you’re not already using this package manager for Rails, I highly recommend it.
  • Here’s an op-ed piece on why Objective-C is Hard To Learn that takes a decent look at the language semantics in comparison to other languages.
  • Jeff Atwood ran a post on How To Hire a Programmer which provides some really good alternatives to standard programming interviews.
  • The next version of Rails is replacing PUT with PATCH for the primary mechanism for HTTP updates. The Hacker News thread on this is a fun read.

There’s a handful of additional resources in the newsletter, too!