As previously mentioned, WordCamp Atlanta 2013 will take place on March 15 – 16 at The Loudermilk Center. I’ll be speaking on Saturday, March 16th at 9:00am for the Developer Track.

Specifically, I’ll be speaking on how to Level-Up Your WordPress Development Skills.

Generally speaking, I’ll be looking to speak to both beginner and intermediate WordPress developers, but hopefully providing some useful information for advanced developers, as well.

That said, I thought it may be worth looking at a few of the topics I’m planning to cover during the course of the talk:

Level Up Your WordPress Development Skills

Super Mario

Just like Mario, let’s level up those WordPress Development Skills.

  • Understand The WordPress Codex: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How To Use It
  • The WordPress APIs: How To Find Them, What They Are, and How To Use Them
  • The Coding Standards: What They Are, Why You Should Always Follow Them
  • The Importance of Finding a Niche: Know Your Target Market, Strategies For Pursuing It
  • Educating Yourself: You’re Never Done, Tips on How To Do So

This is by no means a comprehensive list. This early in the game, I’m still refining my talk; however, I’m planning to hit on these points in the final presentation.

Ultimately, my goal will be to provide the audience with enough information that will help level-up their development skills so they don’t have to run through the gamut of trial-and-error to level-up their abilities.

Once WordCamp is over, I’ll be sure to share the slides here. In the mean time, who all is coming and, if you are, what would you like to hear in the talk?