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For those of you celebrating the 4th of July here in the United States and over the course of the weekend, I hope that you have a great time. For those of you who are elsewhere, I still hope you have a great time and find something to celebrate even if it’s just the fact that it’s the weekend :).

As with most other WordPress companies, I’m offering up a 4th of July holiday sale on Mayer for WordPress over at The Pressware Shop.

Mayer for WordPress – 15% Off!

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Mayer For WordPress

In short, the sale is for 15% off of the theme and runs from July 4th through July 6th. The sale is only for self-hosted installations (no discounts apply on All the details that you need – such as the coupon code – are available on the site.

In the mean time, I hope you guys and girls have a fantastic July 4th and/or a fantastic weekend!