Last week, I had the opportunity to answer a question that I’ve often gotten via email, Twitter, meetups, and so on:

How do I go about getting started with WordPress?

It’s a simple question, to be sure; however, for those of us who are actively involved within the WordPress economy – or for anyone who has been involved in any development community, then you are more than likely familiar with how easy it is to forget what it was like getting started with the platform.

To that end, I wanted to provide some practice tips for how to do exactly that for the absolutely beginner.

Beginner Tips for Getting Started With WordPress

Getting Started with WordPress

The article ran on Tuts+ Code as, as the headline mentioned, was geared towards the absolute beginner. It includes topics such as:

  1. Don’t Start Too Big
  2. Study Existing Code
  3. Understand The Coding Standards
  4. Meet Ups and WordCamps
  5. Read Blogs

Like I said, for those of who you who have been around the WordPress development economy for some time, you may have forgotten just how difficult it can be it get started (despite the fact that we consider WordPress a low-barrier to entry into web development).

Anyway, I’ve closed comments on this post in an attempt to drive more conversion on the original article, so if you have something to add, then please feel free to add your suggestion, comment, or question.