In the last release for Markdown Code For WordPress, I added support for `strong` and `em` tags by using asterisks, but as with all software, there are always edge cases.

And there lies the beauty of keeping source code openly available for others to download, use, and improve.

So in the latest release, there have been some edge cases that have been fixed especially thanks to GeertDD.

Markdown Code For WordPress: Improved Asterisks

This release, `0.4.0` is simple: it improves support for edge cases that came with `0.3.0` – notably, `strong` and `em` tags.

Markdown Code For WordPress

As per the pull request comment:

Making the regexes for strong and emphasized text a bit more foolproof.

Love it – simple improvements to continue making a plugin that was intended to scratch a very small itch of my own getting better and better thanks to improvements from others.

Update! (Either Download or Offer a Pull Request)

If you’re using this plugin, be sure to grab the update for it on GitHub on update your installation, or feel free to open pull requests, issues, or any other ideas.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the plugin is that it’s beginning to support a wider subset of Markdown rather than simply making it easy to highlight `code` tags.

Eager to see where this goes as we approach `1.0.0` :).