Updates To Markdown Code For WordPress (0.5.1)

One of the small plugins that I’ve maintained – and used – for sometime is the Markdown Code For WordPress plugin.

I initially wrote the plugin last year as a way to easily include my most frequently used markdown syntax into my post and comment editing.

Specifically, the plugin supports:

  • Backticks for `code`.
  • Single-asterisks *for emphasis*.
  • Double-asterisks **for strong**.

That’s all – short and sweet.

But with some of the latest changes to Jetpack and while I’ve been working on a number of smaller projects (or cleaning house of some of them), I went ahead and made some minor updates to the plugin.

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Markdown Code For WordPress 0.4.0

Markdown Code For WordPress

In the last release for Markdown Code For WordPress, I added support for `strong` and `em` tags by using asterisks, but as with all software, there are always edge cases.

And there lies the beauty of keeping source code openly available for others to download, use, and improve.

So in the latest release, there have been some edge cases that have been fixed especially thanks to GeertDD.

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Markdown Code For WordPress 0.3.0

Markdown Code For WordPress

When I first started working on Markdown Code For WordPress, the whole point of the plugin was to create an extremely simple solution for making it easy for me to replace `lines of code` without needing to hop into the visual editor, or to install a larger plugin with full markdown support.

Over the past couple of months, the plugin has received a little bit of refactoring, some good feedback of which I hope to implement (but it’s very low priority side project so, y’know..), and a pull request to simplify the code even more.

Love it.

However, I’ve gotten a bit used to the plugin (and markdown), so I’ve ended up adding support for two new markdown features into the plugin.

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Introducing Markdown Code For WordPress

Markdown Code For WordPress

For those who have been reading this blog for sometime, you know that I’m a fan of using lines of code in my posts.

I’m not referring to the larger code block (I use SyntaxHighlighter Evolved for that), but for code that exists in a single line much like this. The thing is, when I’m drafting my posts, I often place those strings in backticks – `like this` – and then go through and replace them code tags prior to publishing the post.

Tedious, right?

And I love Markdown as much as the developer, but I’m not ready to fully abandon the WordPress editor for it. Instead, I’d rather have just a few tags supported that I frequently use and be able to have them replaced automatically.

So I wrote a really simple plugin for doing just that: Markdown Code For WordPress.

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