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Updates To Markdown Code For WordPress (0.5.1)

One of the small plugins that I’ve maintained – and used – for sometime is the Markdown Code For WordPress plugin.

I initially wrote the plugin last year as a way to easily include my most frequently used markdown syntax into my post and comment editing.

Specifically, the plugin supports:

  • Backticks for `code`.
  • Single-asterisks *for emphasis*.
  • Double-asterisks **for strong**.

That’s all – short and sweet.

But with some of the latest changes to Jetpack and while I’ve been working on a number of smaller projects (or cleaning house of some of them), I went ahead and made some minor updates to the plugin.

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Markdown Code For WordPress 0.3.0

When I first started working on Markdown Code For WordPress, the whole point of the plugin was to create an extremely simple solution for making it easy for me to replace `lines of code` without needing to hop into the visual editor, or to install a larger plugin with full markdown support.

Over the past couple of months, the plugin has received a little bit of refactoring, some good feedback of which I hope to implement (but it’s very low priority side project so, y’know..), and a pull request to simplify the code even more.

Love it.

However, I’ve gotten a bit used to the plugin (and markdown), so I’ve ended up adding support for two new markdown features into the plugin.

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Markdown Code For WordPress 0.2.0

A couple of weeks ago, I released an extremely simple plugin for easily using markdown code syntax within the WordPress post editor.

I receive a lot of great suggestions in the comments (many of which I’m still planning to get around to working on); however, I had a few minutes to introduce one more feature: markdown code for comments.

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Introducing Markdown Code For WordPress

For those who have been reading this blog for sometime, you know that I’m a fan of using lines of code in my posts.

I’m not referring to the larger code block (I use SyntaxHighlighter Evolved for that), but for code that exists in a single line much like this. The thing is, when I’m drafting my posts, I often place those strings in backticks – `like this` – and then go through and replace them code tags prior to publishing the post.

Tedious, right?

And I love Markdown as much as the developer, but I’m not ready to fully abandon the WordPress editor for it. Instead, I’d rather have just a few tags supported that I frequently use and be able to have them replaced automatically.

So I wrote a really simple plugin for doing just that: Markdown Code For WordPress.

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