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What Are You Doing Inside of WordPress?

I know – the title of this post is kinda weird, but I figured it made sense given yesterday’s topic (that is, what are you guys and girls focusing on outside of WordPress in the coming year?).

After all, just because we’re looking to focus on things outside of WordPress, that doesn’t mean that we’re going to be moving on or moving away from WordPress.

And since WordPress is comprised of so much – that is, core developers, plugin developers, theme developers, documenters, teachers, educators, event organizers, and so on – I’m interested in seeing what you’re planning to do in the coming year, as well.

Inside of WordPress

This is what it's like inside WordPress.

This is what it’s like inside WordPress.

So there are obviously a lot of opportunities for how to get involved in WordPress, and I’m sure that you have some idea as to what you wanna do with the application over the coming year. Be it get into a bit of freelancing, be it writing documentation, be it hosting a meetup, be it contributing a plugin, or be it something else.

What are two things that you’re looking to get involved with in WordPress in 2015?

For me, I’m looking to do the following (in no particular order):

  • Get back into contributing WordPress core for at least one version that will be released during the year
  • Begin creating tutorials and the best documentation possible for the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate
  • Get back into creating themes with Pressware (of which we’re already in the planning stages) and having them available for and self-hosted installations (along with some other Pressware changes)

So that’s what I’m looking to do.

And with that, welcome to 2015! What about you – what are you looking to contribute inside of WordPress this year?


  1. John Locke

    In 2015, I’d like to teach more of what I know to people coming into WordPress. This will include speaking at local events (short reach) and publishing how to do certain things within WordPress (larger reach). I’d like to be more involved in the overall WP community.

    • Tom

       This will include speaking at local events (short reach) and publishing how to do certain things within WordPress (larger reach). 

      This sound awesome. I use to participate in a local meet up group here, but other circumstances have kept me from it for the last year or so. Eventually, I want to get back into it.

      I’m hoping to make it to a few WordCamps this year, though. I’d like to speak again at the one in Atlanta.

      Anyway, as far as your larger reach goes, how do you plan on doing that – blogging or some other means?

  2. Mark Hunter

    Hi agree with John Locke in that I’d love to be more involved in the WordPress community. I’d like to follow best practices on the inside and identify plugins that make the cut and those that present problems to better protect my clients. Tom and Pippin Williamson are great role models to follow in this case for best practice programming.

    I finished last year just gone by identifying the big players in the field and buying their tools.

    Tom I’d love to learn about your boilerplate. I’ve become a big advocate of proper tools and templates as opposed to reinvented the wheel and falling behind schedule.

    • Tom

      Tom I’d love to learn about your boilerplate. I’ve become a big advocate of proper tools and templates as opposed to reinvented the wheel and falling behind schedule.

      Thanks so much for the kind words. I really do appreciate it.

      As far as the Boilerplate is concerned, I’ve some neat stuff planned for the coming months that should help all who are interested. I’ll be sure to blog more about them once they’re available :).

  3. Amanda Rush

    I actually wrote a post on this yesterday, but won’t spam your comments with the link. Basically, I plan to start sharing the code I’m writing for projects, and contribute more to others’ plugins. There’s actually a lot of things I plan to do inside of WordPress this year. Those are just two. Thanks for writing, and good luck in 2015!

    • Tom

      That’s awesome, Amanda! I’m sure everyone involved will be most appreciative :).

      Good luck with your efforts and happy 2015!

  4. Glenn

    In no particular order: 1) limit new work to responsive. 2) expand WooCommerce work (now only about 15% of my work) to more B2B clients and, 3) build a Bootstrap/WooCommerce theme that better meets my needs 4) do more site-specific plugins, visitor tools, expanded CPT-related functionality — all of which is driven by current client demand 5) Completely replace my 5-year-old website — as soon as the paying work gives me a break :)

    Oh yeah — and read Brad Williams, et. al 2015 version of “Professional WordPress: Design and Development” – cover to cover – as soon as it arrives :)(

    2015 is definitely going to fun :)

    • Tom

      Love it – sound awesome, Glenn. Best of luck on all fronts!

  5. Fikri Rasyid

    Besides my daily work which is already using WordPress:

    I’d like to submit at least 6

    themes to repository. I actually want to submit a theme per month but according to my latest submission experience, it’s a bit too ambitious. A theme per two months is more realistic.

    Involved in Theme Review team.

    Writing more tutorials on my own blog.

    Acquiring proficiency required by Automattic theme team.

    Well wish me luck :D

    • Tom

      Good luck, Fikri – all sound like attainable goals to me :).

  6. Tom

    Love hearing those goals – good luck to you this year!

  7. Tim Brand

    I want to write a plugin. Not even one for release, just write one period. I’d love to release a theme to the community as well.

    • Tom

      Love that, Tim. Two totally achievable goals, IMHO. 

  8. Mario

    I fell into a beginner level WordPress teaching gig, which I’ve throughly enjoyed. I want to write an introductory level book (ebook & print) to compliment the classes I teach.

    I want to create and publish at least 2 plugins (your boilerplate has been very helpful!). So far I have one paid almost ready for release. After that I want to create a free plugin for the WordPress Repo.

    I want to be more active in the community and write about everything I learn.

    • Tom

      I think all of that sounds awesome, Mario. Thanks for sharing!

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