I know – the title of this post is kinda weird, but I figured it made sense given yesterday’s topic (that is, what are you guys and girls focusing on outside of WordPress in the coming year?).

After all, just because we’re looking to focus on things outside of WordPress, that doesn’t mean that we’re going to be moving on or moving away from WordPress.

And since WordPress is comprised of so much – that is, core developers, plugin developers, theme developers, documenters, teachers, educators, event organizers, and so on – I’m interested in seeing what you’re planning to do in the coming year, as well.

Inside of WordPress

This is what it's like inside WordPress.

This is what it’s like inside WordPress.

So there are obviously a lot of opportunities for how to get involved in WordPress, and I’m sure that you have some idea as to what you wanna do with the application over the coming year. Be it get into a bit of freelancing, be it writing documentation, be it hosting a meetup, be it contributing a plugin, or be it something else.

What are two things that you’re looking to get involved with in WordPress in 2015?

For me, I’m looking to do the following (in no particular order):

  • Get back into contributing WordPress core for at least one version that will be released during the year
  • Begin creating tutorials and the best documentation possible for the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate
  • Get back into creating themes with Pressware (of which we’re already in the planning stages) and having them available for WordPress.com and self-hosted installations (along with some other Pressware changes)

So that’s what I’m looking to do.

And with that, welcome to 2015! What about you – what are you looking to contribute inside of WordPress this year?