Today, I’m happy to share that I’ve recently partnered with the guys at Flywheel to offer you guys two months of free Flywheel Hosting.

As much as I enjoy talking about development and related topics on this blog, one of the things that I dig the most is being able to do giveaways primarily because I appreciate the time you guys take to read and comment on various articles.

But enough of all this emo stuff – let’s talk about Flywheel, the service, and how you can take advantage of the giveaway.

All About Flywheel Hosting

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Flywheel is a new kind of WordPress hosting service that’s designed for both “designers and creative agencies”.

Flywheel Hosting

Even though Flywheel is targeting designers, they’ve got a set of tools that make collaboration with developers extremely easy. If you’re a developer who has ever worked with a designer, you know you see the world differently (right, Jared?).

If you’re in the business of charging for hosting, they make it easy to transfer payment to clients, and – as far as you’re concerned – you only pay when the site is live. This means that you can continue to develop, work, and complete a project on their servers without ever actually having to pay. Neat, right?

Finally, they have the usual dedicated support team that’s ready for customers as soon as they sign up.

Ultimately, they are working to build a service that caters to a specific type of workflow.

Show Me The Money (Or At Least Some Screenshots)!

Honestly, whenever you hear about a service like this, it’s one of those things that piques your curiosity, so I’ve got a few shots of the backend or the administration panel for the customers.

The Flywheel Dashboard

The Flywheel Dashboard


Managing other designer and developer collaborators.

Creating a new site

Creating a new site within the Flywheel dashboard.

Single site dashboard

The dashboard for a single site

Neat, huh?

What’s The Catch?

I know: With every type of giveaway or freebie there’s some type of catch that you have to enter a raffle or tweet out some type of link to the service of share one of the worst skeletons in your closet (or maybe not? :)).

Regardless, that’s not the case with this partnership.

Instead, simply email the guys at Flywheel and then follow these steps (directly from one of the founders):

We’ll set up a code specific for this: MCFARLIN

If they email us at and mention the code, we’ll move them to the front of the beta line, and hook them up with 2 months free.

There you go – done and done. Have it, guys.

Thanks for continuing to be loyal readers, joining in on comments and all that jazz, and I look forward to future giveaways.