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Yesterday, I was humbled to have been featured being featured on ManageWP’s most recent article.

Directly from the the post:

I recently published a post on WPExplorer rounding up the names of ten personalities in WordPress that you should be following. Of course, those were not the only ten people that you should know about – there are many, many more awesome people in our community and no list can ever be complete.

Here I showcase, in no particular order, 25 WordPress thought leaders that I think you should follow – people who offer things of value to the community, be it awesome plugins, original articles, contributions to the core, etc.

For what it’s worth, I think every person on that list contributes (and continues to contribute) something positive to the WordPress economy, and I think that they’re accomplishing far more than I’ve yet to do within my WordPress career.

The article’s worth a read if for no other reason to discover a handful of other people that I highly suggest you follow, read, and track with if you hope to raise the bar for your WordPress efforts.

Thanks to Tom Ewer for writing it, and ManageWP for running it.