Earlier this year, Curtis McHale released an eBook on how to Learn WordPress DevelopmentOver the past few months, Curtis has been working on another book called Don’t Be an Idiot: Learn To Run a Viable Business which, as the title so subtly suggests :), helps provide readers with information on how to run a business successfully.

Here’s the unique thing about the book: It’s not just Curtis’ perspective.

In fact, he interviewed over 10 people for the book and is including their perspective on their businesses, how they run them, some of the challenges that they’ve had, as well as some of the things that they’ve done to continue their career of self-employment.

How Do I Run a Viable Business?

Run a Viable Business Landing Page

In the book, Curtis has talked to others such as:

Not only that, he’s provided some clips from the interviews that are going into the book on the site itself.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the book during which I discuss what helped me make it through the second year of self-employment.

The short answer: Focusing on what I was good at, what I enjoyed the most, and saying no to potential gigs for the sake of going further.

You can check out all the videos, read more about the book, and leave a comment for Curtis on his blog post.