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Thoughts On Developing Standard 3

Yesterday, 8BIT dropped the first preview of Standard 3.0.

For those of you that have been reading this site via web browser (rather than RSS) for sometime, you’ve probably seen the design under going changes for the past few weeks as I’ve been using this as a sandbox for some of the features.

Standard 3

The preview is available for Support Licesees, but I’m excited about this version of the product for a number of reasons.

We’ve completely rewritten the product from the ground up. Some of the notable features include:

  • Adaptive layout built into the theme so that your site looks consistent across devices
  • SEO guardrails that prevent you from selecting too many categories or drafting post titles that are too long
  • Support for standard, status, image, link, quote, and video post formats all of which are uniquely styled
  • Three different layout options and social network integration
  • Activity Tabs widget that includes customizable display options for your recent posts, popular posts, comments, etc.

From a development standpoint, I’m particularly proud of this release because it includes the first iteration of the Standard Framework – a true framework designed and developed to make theme and plugin creation significantly easier.¬†It interfaces with the native WordPress Settings API and abstracts the validation and security code so that users can focus on building streamlined administration pages.

We’ve also tightly integrated with WordPress. At this point, the WordPress Platform offers a number of features that go a long way in helping to customize the look and feel of your blog. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we’d rather build on top of it.¬†Standard now consists of a healthy marriage between native and custom functionality – we’re playing up to our strengths just as much as we’re playing up to WordPress’ strengths.

Though we still have some significant development to do before launching final, we’ll be releasing several iterations of Preview to continue showcasing our progress. Excited!


  1. Christian D.

    Tom what plugin are you using for the mobile side? Is that built into standard? I noticed as most blogs I pull up in Twitter/etc just “squash” the site for the mobile version. Yours turned up really nice.

    On the edge of getting a copy of this and perhaps deploying in company!!

    • Tom

      Hey Christian – yep, that’s built into Standard!

  2. Jon Koon

    Looking great Tom.

    Have you considered using a collapsible menu ala twitter bootstrap for the mobile optimized primary navigation.

    Octopress also takes a more simplistic approach and turns the main nav into a select input.

    • Tom

      Regarding Bootstrap, yes! There are a couple of other things we’ve hoping to fold in before final, but we’ve also got a couple of third-party bottlenecks that we’re waiting to hear from before going ahead and making that change from the current version.

  3. Noah's Dad


    It looks (and feels) great! I’m using it, (and even learning how to make a child theme with it!) right now. I really like how clean that plug in for comments, posts, etc. look. It’s epic! (I wish it had a way to integrate the top commenter plug in you did a while back, so I could get rid of my top commenter plug in, and just roll it in to this one…that would be super slick :) )

    Like @Christian said, I especially like the mobile version, it’s really great, and a billion times better than all the other mobile “themes” people use.

    I appreciate all the great work you do Tom. Thanks, and keep it up!

    • Tom

      Of course – thanks Rick! Glad you’re digging it :). Keep your eye on the forums. Perhaps we’ll provide another Preview before the final release…

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