Rails 3 and Devise: Could Not Find Generator devise:install

Devise is my preferred gem for introducing user authentication into a Rails project. In Rails 3, it’s easy to install but if you attempt to run the devise:install generator, you may receive this message:

Could not find generator devise:install

Edit: Stib left a comment about the change to the generator. The original content for this post is below.

Rails doesn’t recognize that the gem is needed so it doesn’t load it. Simply add the following line to your Gemfile (assuming 1.3.4 is your working version):

gem 'devise', '1.3.4'

You can check out more information on GitHub or RubyGems.org.

5 Replies to “Rails 3 and Devise: Could Not Find Generator devise:install”

  1. C:Sitestestando>rails generate devise_install
    ts/uri/common_192.rb:53: warning: already initialized constant WFKV_
    Could not find generator devise_install.

  2. yea!! vi que o Problema era somente este, de especificar no GEMFILE a versão; ‘devise’, ‘x,x,x’ =) Deu certo vere nice !!! Obg..!

    Mas agora estou lutando pra encontrar um tutorial + full usando o devise =( ainda não consegui fazer tudo.:( ….
    Mas desde de jah agradeço !!! tanks !!! ;)

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