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Application Development with Rails 3, Flickr, and Google

A few weeks ago, I was contracted to build a custom web application to help with source, storing, and managing photographs.

Specifically, the application needed to allow a user to search for photos using the Flickr API, store a variety of information about the photo, and then provide a few ways to retrieve the photos and the associated data for later use.

Though I can’t speak to too much detail about the application, I thought I’d share a few notes on the development stack I used as well as some of the features of the application.

Filtering Custom Controller Actions and Responses in Rails

I’ve been finishing up an application that has a number of custom controller actions. All except one action – the approved action – require user authorization before retrieving any information from the database.

Specifically, I wanted to authentication the administrator for all actions except the approved action for both JSON and XML responses (but not HTML responses).

Here’s how to do it in Rails 3:

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