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Comment Images

Yesterday, I published another update to Comment Images For WordPress. This was a minor update, but it covered an issue that several users had contacted me about with regards to how images were rendering in their comment feed.

The main problem was that the CSS that initially shipped with the plugin was not properly sizing the images while displaying them in the comment feed.

Instead, larger images were overflowing the comment container thus resulting in a pretty negative experience when users were uploading large photos.

Here are the changes that were introduced into this release:

  • Updating styles for images in comments to make sure they fit properly within the comment container
  • Adding a donate link

Yep – only two.

Hopefully the primary code change continues to improve the foundation of the plugin. I’m looking to eventually integrate this with JetPack, but I’d like to shake out as many issues in the core plugin first.

Remember that you can grab a copy of the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository!