Unit Testing in WordPress Review

Last month, I published two articles on Unit Testing in WordPress. Specifically, I discussed the practicality of unit testing and how it can better our projects, and I discussed the theory of unit testing to give a little bit of background and context of where it came from, why it matters, and a methodology for doing it.

In my most recent article on Unit Testing in WordPress, I provide a short quiz to help you review the material.

The quiz consists of 25 questions that attempt to be comprehensive over the material covered throughout the series.

It covers:

  • Questions on theory behind unit testing
  • Software that’s used specifically for unit testing WordPress
  • What features of WordPress are (and aren’t) available for WordPress
  • Methodologies for testing WordPress
  • …and more

If you’re just getting started with unit testing in WordPress or are interested in testing your knowledge behind the practice, be sure to review the quiz.

Additionally, if you’ve got any questions comments about testing, feel free to leave comments here as well as on the article itself.