With the release of WordPress 3.5, I’ve spent some time updating my plugins to make sure they’re compliant. Additionally, I’ve been trying to patch any outstanding bugs and issues before working on new features.

Yesterday, I updated Single Post Message to resolve a couple of issues and introduced new features.

New Features in Single Post Message

Single Post Message - Dashboard

The updated dashboard for Single Post Message.

I added a new feature in the dashboard that allows you to select where to place the post message. Now, you have the ability to select whether or not to display it above the post content or below the post content.

If you opt to display the post message above the post content, then the post will look like this:

Single Post Message - Above The Content

Single Post Message above the post content in Twenty Twelve.

Alternatively, if you opt to display the message below the post content, then the post will look like this:

Single Post Message - Below Content

Single Post Message below the post content in Twenty Twelve.

Other Updates

In addition to new features, I also made the following updates to the plugin:

  • Updating features to be compliant with newer versions of PHP
  • Updating localization

So, other than a new feature, it’s a relatively minor update.

Additionally, the roadmap is relatively small for this particular plugin. Though I’m always up for hearing feature suggestions, I try to keep my plugins lean and narrowly focused – that is, I don’t want to add features for the sake of adding features. I’d rather they enhance the utility of the plugin and solve an actual problem.

With that said, Single Post Message 1.2 is now available.

Since this post describes an update, comments are closed. I'd like to keep discussion on the main project post.