This project has been retired, though the source code is still available on GitHub.

Collapsible Menus For jQuery

Collapsible Menus for jQuery is a small jQuery plugin that I released earlier this year. From the project’s original post:

Collapsible Menus is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create a collapsible menu using nested, unordered lists.

Easy enough, right?

It’s a small plugin that’s receives very few emails, comments, and issues; however, when they arise, I try to resolve them quickly. As of today, I’ve just released Collapsible Menus 1.1.

This is a minor update, but it includes the following changes:

  • The plugin now throws an exception if the method is called on an element that does not have an ID attribute
  • The JavaScript has been processed via JSLint and minified using CodeKit
  • The plugin has been tested against jQuery 1.8.3.

As usual, you can grab the source code from GitHub – it also includes a demo so you can see how the project works.


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  1. Not sure where the demo is.

    ‘demo’ text is linking to http:///collapsible-menus/ which leads to http:///collapsible-menus-for-jquery-1-1/ where I do not see any demo.

  2. Very nice menu and easy to use ! Is there a way to select a default value ? PE. Load the menu with the option 2 selected ? But all other options closed ….

  3. Your nested bullet lists are set-up incorrect. Should be similar to this –

    Item with no children
    Item with no children
    Item with child Close tags come after nested child list

    Only Child

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