WordPress Admin Columns Made Easy via Admin Columns Pro

When working with WordPress plugins, the software should aim to solve a problem that a given type of user is experiencing. Granted, some plugins are more nuanced than others.

Take, for example, the idea of the various tables, lists, and columns available in the admin area of the WordPress dashboard. When working with WordPress admin columns, a good solution should expand the core functionality of WordPress and do so in an unintrusive way.

That’s what Admin Columns aims to do.

WordPress Admin Columns: WordPress Admin Columns: Admin Columns Pro

To elaborate, Admin Columns allows you to manage columns in your WordPress admin area. You can create, edit, and remove columns from the overview pages of blog posts, pages, users, comments, categories, and more. All custom post types and taxonomies are supported by the plugin.

Since 2011, the free version of the plugin has been available and installed on 80,000 WordPress-based sites; however, the latest release of Admin Columns Pro introduces many additional features.

Some of these include:

  • sorting,
  • filtering,
  • inline editing,
  • import and exporting columns.

But there’s much more to it than that. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with David on behalf of the development team and am stoked to share what they’ve built for the lastest version of this project.

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Insights for WordPress Themes by Freemius

Some time ago, I wrote about Freemius when the product was first introduced into the WordPress economy. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Vova Feldman – the CEO of Freemius – and even crossing paths with him at WordCamp US.

Vova Feldman, Carl Alexander, and Myself at WordCamp US

Vova Feldman, Carl Alexander, and Myself at WordCamp US

Since my initial post, Freemius has released a couple of products and just released a new product (for which WP Tavern has some coverage about it already).

Given my respect for them, and what they are doing in the WordPress economy for both plugin authors and theme developers, I wanted to share some in-depth information regarding their latest work project.

Insights for WordPress Themes

Thanks to some information and exchange with Vova, I’m happy to share some, ahem, insights on their latest product: Freemius Insights for WordPress Themes.

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