TL;DR: With all of the various services for streaming music and the amount of music that we share tunes we like, it’s tedious to listen to music across all of the different services. MusicMatch is an app that fixes that problem that redirects a given link to your preferred music service.

MusicMatch: Open Your Service For Music

My friends and I, likely like you and yours, are often sharing links to whatever it is we’re listening to with a message along the lines of “I think you’ll dig this song,” or something like that.

The problem is that if they send me a song from YouTube Music or Apple Music or Amazon Music then it’s going to attempt to open the song in that player. Since most of those services have web-based players, it’s no big deal.

But if I like then song then I’ve gotta hop over to my preferred service and then add it to a playlist or, at the very list, click the ‘like’ button. This is where MusicMatch comes into the picture:

Music is best when shared. With MusicMatch, friends can share and open music links even if they use different streaming services, like Spotify and Apple Music.


I’ve used the iOS for sometime now and the development team just released a macOS version online with a safari extension and it’s working just as well as it did on iOS.

So if you’re looking for a way to open shared music in your favorite service, check it out. I’m a fan.