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Advertise Here

One of the fun things about maintaining a blog and getting plugged into a community is that it affords opportunities both for yourself and others. In those opportunities, you also have the chance to experiment with a variety of options when it comes to monetizing your property.

For a couple of months now, I’ve been running advertisements on posts that are older than two weeks and that sit between the post content and the comment content. For example.

It’s proven relatively successful by my own internal metrics, so I wanted to continue the experiment. Today, I’m opening up more advertisements on the sidebar.

The short of it:

  • Sidebar 300×250: $20 / month for 30 days (which is currently filled)
  • 2x Sidebar 125×125: $15 / month for 30 days

Why Advertise Here?

But simply breaking down a price and timeline isn’t enough, is it? After all, how can you make a wise financial decision based on nothing?

That said, here are some statistics to give you some background on the site:

  • JetPack shows that the site receives roughly 27,500 hits per month (and is growing each month).
  • Google Analytics reports 41,700 page views in the first quarter of this year with the average visit duration of 1 minute, 20 seconds having 68.5% new visitors and 31.5% returning visitors.
  • Content is clearly heavily focused on WordPress, JavaScript, related resources, and best development practices so if you’re in the WordPress space – be it in design, plugins, themes, products, hosting, etc. – consider advertising by simply clicking on Advertise Here.
  • For more information about me, the projects in which I’m involved, my startups and teams, and my various contributions around the web specifically in the WordPress community, be sure to checkout my about page.

Questions? No Problem.

Obviously, the site is growing. I’m working to keep the advertisements tailored specifically for developers, designers, and bloggers oriented in the WordPress space. If this is you and you’re looking to advertise, consider it!

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me – I’m all for answering any questions that you may have about this.