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Zepto.js, mod_pagespeed, Ajax Uploads, & More

Here’s my typical weekly roundup of things that I found interesting across the web:

  • Google recently released mod_pagespeed. I’ve been eager to try this out but haven’t had to time to actually set it up here on my server.
  • Uploading files via Ajax isn’t exactly a piece of cake. There are a couple of ways to achieve it all of which require a bit of client-side engineering. Andrew Valums released a solid file-upload script with drag and drop capabilities and a progress bar.


  1. Stephen Bateman

    Hey man, Thanks for the link on Regex lookaheads. I definitely spent an hour yesterday trying to figure it out…

    • Tom

      Sure thing, Stephen – regular expressions are awesome (but I usually have a cheat sheet with me depending on the language I’m in ;))

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