Improving Your Code

I recently shared my thoughts on writing clean code within the context of WordPress, but I think there’s a whole other side to this – writing quality code.

Sounds easy enough, but the thing is that if it were¬†easy then everyone would be doing it. And everyone isn’t. In fact, I’d argue that even those of us who try have room to improve.

In my latest article on Envato, I review a few practical tips for writing quality code specifically for WordPress.

In the article, I cover the following topics:

  • Reason for adhering to the WordPress Coding Standards
  • Leaving quality code comments
  • How to stay DRY
  • How to KISS up
  • …and more

Naturally, there’s more to offer than these four practical tips, and I’d love to hear what other suggestions you guys have and what you employ in your day-to-day work.