One of my favorite things to do when going on a run or a long drive is to queue up a few podcasts and listen to them. Generally speaking, most of the podcasts that I listen to are directly related to things I’m interested in and/or interested in learning more about.

Then again, isn’t that what everyone listens to?

With that said, I can honestly say that I’m not familiar with a significant number of high quality WordPress podcasts. In fact, the one’s I’m most aware of are published by WPCandy, and Jeff at WPTavern (on which I had to pleasure speaking last year).

I have an idea for another type of WordPress podcast, but I’m wondering if there’s room for it, or if the reason there are so few is because there’s so little interest.

Why Another WordPress Podcast?

Here’s the deal:

  • The WordPress Community is growing and I’m not just talking about among developers. More than ever, there are designers, publishers, developers, editors, etc, all involved with WordPress in someway, but how many people are aware of those who aren’t covered on the major blogs?
  • Twitter does a phenomenal job of connecting like minded people in the WordPress space, but I bet we’re rarely chatting with others who are contributing in a significantly different way than we are.
  • Podcasts get boring and there needs to be some element introduced that make the things worth listening to after they get stale for a while. I’ve an idea for that, but would rather not share right now.

So, I’m wondering if there’s interest in a WordPress Podcast in which I do a brief chat with people in the WordPress space regardless of what they do with WordPress, and do the usual “get to know you,” stuff as well as a secondary portion of the show that’s meant to be more fun and interesting (and that’s not worth divulging too much about right now).

I’d take suggestions for who to chat with via Twitter, email, post comments, etc., and even people who volunteer themselves. This would be extremely laid back, but focused.

Ultimately, I’d love it to mix things up in the space a bit.

To Cast, or Not To Cast?

So, with all of that said, I’m genuinely interested in you guys’ thoughts. Yes or no? Would you listen, or not (and why or why not)?

Finally, leave your answers in the comments and poll your fellow tweeps. Seriously. I’m genuinely interested in knowing what the rest of the WordPress community thinks.

If the idea sucks, nothing lost. But if there’s interest, let’s see what we can do.