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Earlier this week, I shared my thoughts on custom, non-standard hooks within the context of WordPress themes which resulted in a great discussion in the comments and on Twitter, so it seems only appropriate to share a resource on how to get started with WordPress plugin hooks.

WordPress Plugin Hooks

Last week, Pippin Williamson of Pippin’s Plugins published a terrific article on Envato that explains how to write extensible plugins with WordPress plugin hooks.

WordPress Plugin Hooks

In the article, Pippin covers the following points:

  • What defines an extensible plugin?
  • Why bother writing extensible plugins?
  • The basic functions WordPress provides that makes this possible
  • How to integrate it in your own work

The nice thing about this tutorial is that it assumes that the developer knows very little about extensible plugins. He provides a walkthrough of how to build one yourself, and then covers some real world examples.

If you’re looking to begin working with WordPress plugin hooks, then I highly recommend reading this article and following the examples.

It’s a great example of doing it right.