Usually, whenever I share resources on this site, it’s for development-related tools. Sometimes it’s plugins, other times; it’s things that we may use that are tangentially related to our work.

Sometimes, I’ll publish things from peers in the industry who I don’t know; other times; it’s from people who I know, consider a friend, and respect.

And the latter is the case with Roy Sivan and EZ Data.

EZ Data (That Can Be Used in WordPress)

Before getting into any of the details, the gist of the project is as follows:

Create an easy solution for quickly storing and analyzing data.

So what does this mean for us as those who use WordPress in a professional capacity, want a plugin to analyze data, and are looking for more information, check out the following breakdown of te main set of features

  • WordPress Plugin featuring PHP & JS libraries for easy use in custom places
  • WordPress Plugin Integration
    • Currently offering Caldera integration
    • EDD is next
  • Easily create graph of data
    • More graph & chart types coming soon
  • Easily create a sortable table with one sum column
  • More ways to analyze data coming soon
    • Including a way to create your custom queries
  • Example / Case Studies coming soon

And for those who are always interested in how things like this came together, I asked Roy to share some details so I could include them here.

So before taking a look under the hood, this is what you can expect:

  • WAR API Framework by Ben Moore
  • Angular 4+ for the data app
    • PrimeNG for a lot of UI support
  • Restrict Content Pro for subscription management
  • Stripe for payment
  • Base site is WordPress with a custom theme in the works

And naturally, you can sign up for a free trial, read a blog on the data, and grab the WordPress Plugin.

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