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WordPress Admin Pointers

Stephen Harris is a fellow contributor to the Envato network who has contributed a number of solid articles the most recent of which covers WordPress Admin Pointers.

For those who are unfamiliar, WordPress Admin Pointers are the tooltips with the blue headers that usually appear when you first install WordPress, or that some plugins have begun to display upon initial activation.

Generally speaking, they are meant to prompt users for how to get started with certain features of WordPress, or are meant to guide users through setting up a plugin or other extension.

Stephen’s article hits on a number of key points all of which are relevant and I think are worth noting regardless of your level of experience.

In his article, Stephen covers:

  • Why you should be careful in using WordPress admin pointers (as they are still in early stages!)
  • How to integrate WordPress admin pointers into your projects through the use of helper functions and JavaScript
  • Why you should use them sparingly

Overall, you should be able to walk away from this article being able to integrate them into any project that you’re currently building or planning to build.

If you’ve found this particular post interesting, be sure to follow Stephen on Twitter as well as check out the rest of his series on Integrating With WordPress’ UI.