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Earlier this year, I drafted the first version of the WordPress JavaScript Coding Standards (and I discuss it more in-depth in this post).

When I contributed the first version of the standard, the conventions were based largely on writing vanilla JavaScript, and on the existing WordPress PHP Coding Standards; however, there has recently been a surge of interest in continuing to develop the JavaScript Coding Standards.

Because I obviously have a strong interest in this, because I believe that more and more sites and applications are doing more work on the client-side, and because I want there to continue to improve the existing WordPress codebase, I wanted to make sure that there is about to be a major update to the JavaScript coding standards.

The WordPress JavaScript Coding Standards

The WordPress JavaScript Coding Standards

A couple of weeks ago, K. Adam White contacted me about working on the next iteration of the standards.

Unfortunately, I was unavailable for the time during which he and some others were going to be discussing the potential upcoming changes, but I knew the planning would be in good hands with the crew with which he was working.

Yesterday, he published the first post about the upcoming changes, what we’re planning to adopt, some notes about our plans, and then what’s coming in the next steps.

If you are interested in JavaScript and are making a living (or building a lot of things) with WordPress, and love client-side programming, then I highly urge you guys to voice your thoughts in the comment thread and even join today’s IRC chat.

What’s Coming?

For those of you who are interested in following along or aren’t able to contribute as much as you’d like, here’s what’s currently planned:

  • We’re going to be adopting the jQuery Core JavaScript styles
  • We will be implementing some minor deviations between the jQuery standards and some “better practices”
  • There are also points to be discussed on basing certain things around similarities with the PHP Coding Standards, as well.

Help Out!

Overall, I’m really excited as this is something that’s been needed for quite some time, and I think it’s going to go along way in even helping to clear up some tickets in Trac around WordPress core.

With that said, we’re meeting at 2PM EST on Freenode in #wordpress-dev for those of you who can make it. I’m planning to be there hanging out, seeing what’s planned, and working with the rest of the community to make this happen.

Finally, major props to Adam for stepping up and leading the next iteration of the standards, and to Nacin for dropping the first iteration of the `jshintrc` file.