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The Complete Guide To The WordPress Settings API

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I’m currently publishing a series over at Envato that’s providing a deep dive into the WordPress Settings API.

My ultimate goal is to provide the best reference of this particular API for WordPress developers of all levels.

The series of articles are as follows:

  1. What It Is, Why It Matters
  2. Sections, Fields, and Settings
  3. All About Menus
  4. On Theme Options
  5. Tabbed Navigation For Your Settings Page
  6. Menu Pages
  7. Validation, Sanitization, and Input I
  8. Validation, Sanitization, and Input II

The WordPress Settings Sandbox is a project I’m hosting on GitHub that we’re working through with each article. Specifically, as I discuss a feature of the Settings API, we’re introducing corresponding functionality.

Feel free to bookmark the series, watch the repository, and follow along!

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  1. Jason Bradley

    I’m excited to follow along with your posts. Hoping it will help me expand on my WordPress child theming skills.

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