I never know how many people are reading articles like this the day they are published, but I’ve always been a fan of sharing a note of Thanksgiving Day (at least that’s what it is here in the USA).

Thanksgiving 2020

For those who have read this site for the past few years, you know that I tend not to do any type of “looking back on the year” or retrospective posts. Instead, I try to do two things:

  • Wish those of you, whoever they may be, a great holiday,
  • And remind myself of a few things that have happened in the past year that are worth noting.

Despite the insane year that we’ve all experienced, I’m grateful for:

  • Having moved with my family and have my wife and I plan to build a house,
  • Being able to keep up with my friends all over the country (let alone the world) through modern technology despite how the pandemic has changed so many things,
  • Continuing to do the work I do with the team at WDS,
  • Seeing my kids continue to grow and face the challenges positively this year has brought,
  • Being able to play a few video games like Smash Bros. with my oldest two and have them hold their own 🙂.

There’s much more but that seems good enough for this post.

With those few things shared and whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving or anything like it, then cheers; and if not, don’t forget to a take a minute to be thankful for something despite however crazy this year has been.

I’m off to enjoy the next two days.