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Syncing Atom Settings Between Computers

Syncing Atom settings between multiple machines is useful in that you’re able to maintain all of your packages, settings, and so on regardless of the machine you’re on.

And yes, I’ve been talking about Atom a bit more as of late. I’m clearly a fan. But that’s evident, right?

If you maintain more than one machine, then it’s usually nice to have the same development environment configured between the two of them.

Here’s a method for syncing Atom’s settings between though it does assume you use Dropbox. If not, any service you use for sharing files can be used, but your actual steps will vary.

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My Workflows For WordPress: Self-Hosted Projects

In the previous article, I shared a bit about how I try to streamline my workflow based on where my WordPress project is hosted.

Specifically, I talked about having the codebase hosted in a Subversion repository, using the provided support forum solution, and how I manage tickets. I also talked about how all of the decisions for how I manage the project stem from where and how the source code is managed.

To that end, whenever I’m working on a self-hosted project (or, rather, one that is not included in the WordPress plugin repository), then I end up going with a slightly different workflow.

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My Workflows For WordPress: Hosted Projects

If you’re like me, then there’s a part of you that’s obsessed highly motivated to make sure that you’re streamlining your workflow as much as possible.

When it comes to the process of working on WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, and how to manage everything via source control, support forums, and managing bugs and their associated tickets, all the while making sure that you’re not duplicating repositories in order to make sure you’ve got the leanest workflow possible can be a bit of a chore.

Even writing (and possibly reading that last sentence) is just as indicative as to how tedious it can be.

So, with that said, I thought I’d share my workflow for how I divide up my codebases based on if they are hosted in the WordPress plugin repository and/or the WordPress theme repository, and how I deal with support, as well as how I manage self-hosted projects and their associated support forums, as well.

In this first post, we’ll cover the former.

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