Over the years, it’s been really neat to see how the WordPress project has incorporated the TinyMCE editor into the software. That is, it’s one thing to include it into the core project, but it’s another thing to add features to it (and around it) that help improve the writing experience.

My very own copy TinyMCE Editor. Show spectacular.

My very own copy TinyMCE Editor. So spectacular.

But as developers, we’re often tasked with introducing another feature into the software. Sometimes this comes in the form of adding something like custom taxonomies or custom post types.

Other times, it comes in the form of having to introduce a new button to the TinyMCE editor. When you do that, you’re working simultaneously with the WordPress API and you’re working with the TinyMCE editor API.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to outline the process that I take whenever this is needed. Ultimately, this will aim to provide a foundation and set of steps that can be followed if you need to do the same thing, as well.

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