This is the first post in a series about my thoughts an experience in building a team.

Posts that normally talk about teams usually discuss the importance of going further, faster, team dynamics, people leading in their core areas of competence, and often come back to some form of leadership.

I think that all of that is right and all of that is good and valuable, but when it comes to talking about a team when building some type of software project, I think that the articles and conversations are usually oriented around the ideas and challenges of building a company, or to help build something for the long term.

But there are other types of teams, and they are just as valuable as those that help make up a development team, testing team, a startup team, or so on, they just don’t necessarily fit the traditional mold.

And because of that, these are the types of teams that are normally talked about. As such, I thought it might be worth sharing a few thoughts on why you need a team especially in a non-standard context through my own personal experience.

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