A couple of weeks ago, I released an extremely simple plugin for easily using markdown code syntax within the WordPress post editor.

I receive a lot of great suggestions in the comments (many of which I’m still planning to get around to working on); however, I had a few minutes to introduce one more feature: markdown code for comments.

Markdown Code For Comments

In short, the latest updates make it possible to use the same characters that you use in order to mark text as `code` within the context of the post editor.

This means that if you’re a developer – of one of your commenters is – then they’ll be able to use the markdown code to denote their code. For now, there’s no obvious indicator that this is even available, but this is just version 0.2.0, and I plan to continue to develop this as time permits.

Of course, feel free to submit any issues, open pull requests, or offer any feedback that you’ve got in the comments of the post.

Obviously, this isn’t a particularly fancy plugin, but it scratches an itch of my own and I’m sure there are other developers out there that would use this to make their post editing faster.