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My Suite of Apps: Pastebot

One of the most convenient features of Yosemite and iOS is Continuity which supports Handoff. The whole idea behind it is that you can be using an application on your desktop and then pickup where you left off on your iOS device.

For example, say I was looking up directions in Maps on my desktop and then needed to head to my car into order to reach my destination. Handoff allows me to open up Maps on my phone and have it display exactly what I was viewing on my desktop.

Convenient, sure, but this post isn’t meant to be a commercial for all things OS X / iOS. Instead, it’s meant to highlight an application that helps cover a shortcoming of the seamless integration between the devices.

Namely, Pastebot.

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My Suite of Apps: Picturelife

There are a lot of services that have come up in recent years all of which are designed to provide a level of photo storage and/or to provide you a way to “back in time” to see pictures that were taken n-number of years ago.

And it’s fun, right? I mean, who doesn’t dig seeing what they were doing, tweeting, or sharing a year, two years, …, or 11 years ago?

Such is what the Internet has brought us.

Anyway, when I set out to find a service that I wanted to use to backup all of my pictures and videos, I was looking for several criteria:

  • Unlimited back up
  • Web application
  • iOS Application
  • “Memory” feature to see things that happened over however-many-years ago

There’s a lot of options out there for this – some are free, some are paid, some require Facebook for authentication – some do part of what I wanted, some do other parts of what I wanted except for Picturelife.

It does it all (that is, all that I want).

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My Suite of Apps: Safari

I know – Chrome is arguably the best web browser (or at least the most popular) on the market right now. Ever since the first version was released, I used it religiously (and I used Firebug and Firefox when I needed developer tools until Chrome’s finally shipped).

But when the latest version of OS X shipped, I decided to give Safari a try if for no other reason to see if the claims about its speeds were true, and to take advantage of Continuity.

Like any other web developer, I still have other browsers sitting on my machine so that I can use them for testing and so on, but I’ve actually been using nothing but Safari since Yosemite’s launch and I haven’t missed my other browsers.

In fact, I’ve enjoyed using Safari more than any other browser because of its integration with other devices.

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My Suite of Apps

Over the last few years, the categories and tags on this blog have renamed consistent. That is, the categories with which I started out with haven’t been changed, removed, or have seen any additions since I’ve been running this blog.

Generally speaking, I say that’s pretty good – it means that all of the content that I’ve wanted to share has fit within the categories that I originally planned. As such, when I set out to write about the things that, y’know, originally wanted to write about, I had defined the focus of the content and have done relatively well at keeping content consistent within those categories.

Today, I’m going to be adding a new category to the blog (I know, I know – call down, right?) in order to support some upcoming articles that I’ve been planning to write but never really had the desire, need, or want to do so.

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