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A listing and summary of all posts that I’ve contributed to the Envato WPTuts+ blog.

What Are Code Smells?

There are a lot of fun terms, like “code smells,” that come up in programming. And though they may have unusual names and make somewhat tedious or boring concepts sound a little more exciting, they can often refer to something that decreases the quality of what we’re building.

At least, that’s the case with code smells.

In a previous post, I’ve talked about using PHP CodeSniffer to watch the code we’re writing to help us make sure that we’re following certain standards, rules, and what not but I’ve not discussed it regarding code smells.

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Using Laravel Valet for WordPress Development

One of the latest options available for local development is using Laravel Valet for WordPress. This is now one of the options available for the already set of options we already have:

When it comes to having choices like this, it can make it difficult for a beginner to decide where to start. And as important as I think it is to explain the benefits of each of the above options, that post is not this post.

Instead, I want to share a short tutorial I wrote about using Laravel Valet for WordPress. Personally, I think Valet is a great solution for beginners, but it assumes a bit of familiarity with the command-line that might be off-putting to new users.

Once you setup the software, it’s hard to argue against using it. So with that said, here’s how you can get started.

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How To Checkout WordPress via Subversion

If you want to contribute, you’re going to need to know how to use Subversion to checkout WordPress from its Subversion repository.

Before looking into how to do that, I’d say that source control is but one of the tools that a professional developer (let alone a WordPress developer) should have at his or her disposal.

So why not use this open source project to learn how to do just that?

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Beginner Resources for JavaScript and jQuery

This month, I published two articles on Envato about resources for JavaScript and jQuery.

For those who get involved in a form of development – be it back-end, front-end, or some other type of developer – we end up forgetting what it was like not to know how to do so something. It’s kind of like riding a bike or swimming, right?

We may remember when we learned, but how much do we remember about losing our balance or not knowing how to keep our head above water?

And that’s what I think it’s like to be on the outside of a programming language, how it interacts with third-party components (like the browser or the filesystem), and how the language is structured.

Because of that, I think it’s important to publish resources periodically on topics like this for those who are looking to get started.

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Displaying The Most Recent WordPress Query

Looking the most recent WordPress query that is run on a given page can be useful for several reasons:

  • you see how the information in the database is retrieved,
  • you learn how the underlying query system works,
  • you’re able to benchmark your custom queries,
  • and more.

In a recent article for Envato, I share a 60-second video on how you can quickly take a look at the last query executed on a given page.


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