WordPress Plugins For Development (As Of Today)

In the previous post, I shared the 10 (well, 11 if you count Slack., but I think that’s debatable) tools I currently use for WordPress development. But I also said that I’d cover the tools I use within WordPress – or WordPress plugins for development – that I use when working on a project.

WordPress Plugins For Development

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, then you’ve likely heard me talk about some of these at one point or another, but having them all captured in a single post can be useful especially when I want to refer others to them.

So this is the short list of plugins that I’ve found to be useful when building projects both for myself and for others.

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WordPress Development Tools (As Of Today)

Like anyone who reads this blog, I’m periodically asked what WordPress development tools I use. Though I realize I share things that I use now and then, I’ve never really collected everything into one place.

WordPress Development Tools: Tower

And, truth be told, this is a blog, so things change as time moves forward.

So I’m going to be dividing this post into two parts:

  1. Today, I’m going to cover the actual software I use to get work done.
  2. Tomorrow, I’ll share what it is I use regarding WordPress plugins and related web-
    specific software.

With that said, here’s the list of software and some minor commentary I use to get work done when building things both for others and for myself.

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