Yesterday, I share a bit about a Tumblr that was recently started focusing specifically on Developer Practices.

In short, the blog is nothing more than a collection of animated GIFs that are a humorous attempt to look the developer best practices. But based on some feedback, others want to contribute.

And I love that.

Submit a Developer Practice!

So last night, I set up a submissions page where anyone can submit a GIF and a caption to appear on the blog. I’m more than happy to give credit when provided as well.

Just as the site states:

  1. The submission must be an animated GIF. It should not be a meme image with a caption.
  2. I reserve the right to reject, slightly modify, or tweak the submission to fit the tone the rest of the blog.

As of now, I’ve got a backlog through October, but I’m all for shifting stuff around to get other people’s submissions showcased first. So share your stuff, and let’s do this.

Credit Where It’s Due

Also, a special thanks to Travis, Brian, and Sarah for recommending that I include submissions. It was all their idea.