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The eleventh issue of the More Code Newsletter just went out. Here’s a run down of some of the articles that were included in this issue:

The Ruby Styleguide are the conventions that the team at GitHub follows when building out their site.

The Elements of Navigation is an article on Smashing Magazine that talks about import aspects of navigation systems in web-based projects.

Rails is just an API is an op-ed piece about why it’s okay to “demote” thinking of Rails as a framework as just than an API.

Welcome To The Post PC-Era is an article by Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror that makes a point as to how we’ve moved beyond the PC.

More resources in the newsletter!

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    1. It doesn’t – truth is, this Friday will be the last issue of the email newsletter. I’ll have more info in the email itself, so keep the subscription to the blog as I’m planning to keep it updated.

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