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  1. I like this plugin. Maybe you could also include a “how-to” for implementing it in WordPress. I tried and failed, but I am a JS n00b.

    It could be a conflict with another jQuery plugin I was trying to run.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Chris,

      Thanks for this – I’ve been tracking specific requests that people have sent me over the past few days in order to see about getting them included in the next update.

      For now, this particular feature is by design – either include the content for the notification in the page’s markup, or have the plugin pull it from another URL. You’d like the ability to specify the HTML content in JavaScript?

  2. Yeah, instead of a URL – just a content area directly in the Javascript for it to pull from. If you have to add additional urls – that’s additional urls to control in the robot.txt file, sitemap, etc.

    Making it be standalone would allow for easier management.

    1. Gotcha!

      Yeah – the plugin doesn’t support elements in the JavaScript but you aren’t confined to URL’s either.

      It’s built in such a way that you can include the content that you wish to display as a sliding note in the markup of the page. Check out the ‘container’ options in the SlideNote’s homepage.

      The demo file in the repository on GitHub also shows how you can use existing element’s in a page. Specifically, look at the “leftNote” div element.

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