A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Bateman. During this time, I was working at 8BIT and he was spending his summer working with us.

Because of a weird scheduling conflict, he ended up staying at my place for about three or four weeks. During that time, my wife and I had just found out we were pregnant, and we were playing parents to a twenty-something.

I kid, I kid.

Pun intended.

It was awesome having Bateman around, and it’s hard to summarize my overall opinion of the guy in just a few words. But, basically, he’s smart and he’s going places, and he recently started a blog that I think many of us should be reading.

The Journey of Searching For a Startup

Searching For a Startup

Here’s the premise of the entire blog (straight from the blog itself):

This blog started as a response to Steve Blank’s work on Lean Startup processes. He says that a startup is a “temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scaleable business model.”

Not a bad idea, huh?

In fact, if you’re someone who is self-employed, running a business (no matter how large), and are interested in just that, then I highly recommend checking out Stephen’s blog.

1. He Asks For Feedback

Some of us absolutely dig reading the the ways that we can use technology to solve problems.

Each day – well, almost each day – Stephen is throwing out an idea for a startup and then asking for advice, critiques, and other considerations that he may have missed when spitballing the idea.

It’s a lot of fun to chime in, but I’d love to see even more discussion and engagement.

2. Not All Ideas Are Bad

This isn’t to say that his ideas aren’t good, but some carry far more merit than others. That is to say that many of them are not only more feasible from a development perspective, but from a company perspective, as well.

It’s fun to see the seed planted for something that could become a fruitful opportunity for Stephen, others, or Stephen and a team of otherse :).

3. It Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing

One of the best ways to get your own brain working is to read what other people are working on. That’s why it’s so fun to read other people’s blogs – especially those who are, you know, doing stuff, right?

Searching For a Startup is no exception.

Read It. Or Don’t.

Yeah, we’re all busy but I know that some of us have subscriptions in our RSS readers that constantly get marked as read without actually ever reading them.

Instead, replace one of those subscriptions with a subscription to this blog and enjoy. I’m really digging reading and comments, but would love to see more of you doing the same.

Oh! And for you cynics out there: No – Stephen did not ask me to write this infatuationfest of a post. I took it upon myself because I love both the idea of the blog, and because Stephen’s a good friend who is going to do good things in the future.

I want to watch the journey.

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