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WordPress Widgets: Starting with Standards

[…] thing I like to do is set up a series of tools to enforce code quality. This is achieved by a variety of Composer packages. These include: GrumPHP. A PHP code-quality tool. Do not underestimate the clarify and the degree to which this repository is full of information. If you ever get stuck with […]

Configuring Composer for WordPress, Part 2

[…] writing code that will automatically pass the various sniffs put in place through the different rules (and their customizations). Before doing that, though, you’ve got to get GrumPHP configured in your repository. Composer for WordPress: Sniffing Commits Yesterday, I provided a sample composer.json so today we’ll look at a sample GrumPHP configuration file and look […]

Libraries for WordPress Plugins, Part 1

[…] (and that’s a topic for another post), but if you’re going to be writing unit tests, then this is the defacto library for unit testing your code. GrumPHP Throughout this year, GrumPHP has become arguably my favorite library (though it’s made better by additional libraries that I’ll be covering throughout this series of posts). […]

WordPress Widgets: Refactoring, Part 2

[…] set up properly, then you should see the following: View the code on Gist. And you should see at least all of this after running: $ vendor/bin/ grumphp run Before moving forward, we need to make some minor changes to how the files are organized. That is, we need to separate the core plugin […]

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