When it comes to upgrading a an operating system, specifically if you’re on a Mac of any sort, people have mixed feelings. I’ve heard some people say they’ve lost a day’s worth of productivity. I’ve heard others say that the upgrade worked flawlessly.

Reinstalling Git on Mojave

With two very minor hiccups, the upgrade to Mojave has been in the latter camp. Specifically, at the time of this writing, Firefox doesn’t mainly play well with writing to the filesystem via its standard dialog. And my installed of Git was hosed.

Reinstalling Git on Mojave

Installing Git is relatively straightforward especially if you use Homebrew. If you are, then you can try one of two things.

If it’s your first time, then run this command in your terminal:

$ brew install git

If it’s already installed, then you can try this:

$ brew upgrade git

Though this works, to some degree, it still didn’t fix the problem. Instead, it was a problem with Xcode (go figure, right?).

Reinstalling Git on Mojave: Xcode

In the terminal, here’s what you need to enter:

$ xcode-select --install

You may be asked to provide the administrator’s password (or maybe not). Once done, you should then be able to run a command like:

$ git --version

And it should return the latest version of the software (which, at the time of this writing, is 2.19.0.